“Variables is a group from the USA. Since their formation in 2013, the six members work on their compositions. In 2013, they gave birth to and Dimensions, a first single rather well mixed. At the opening, we dive in the heart of repetitive square sounds that are specific to mathcore: djent guitars, heavy riffs and vocals alternating core and growls. opening and closing the piece parts djent act as the thread of the song. However, beneath this apparent rigor of construction, the group full of surprises while providing a rhythmic acceleration. The drums and guitars are unleashed. But this is not all! Yes, Variables also ventures into a more melodic and melancholic field where guitars are lighter and more peaceful. We understand that the group, without being innovative, accentuates the side prog and changes of rhythms and atmospheres, which may make a difference in the future. for moment, the sound surely gain in intensity being more sharp and worked.”

Camille Seppuku - Radio Metal Sound

“Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week’s bands are Black Market Rebellion, Variables, Sick Smile and Hollywood Vampires — Variables are a five piece Metal/Djent band from Flint, MI. In just about a year's time, the band has amassed a sizable following and are currently recording their debut EP”