Vapour Town / Press

“lyric gulo awesome ...but sur ta mone holo without experiment hoyeche....tai jeno eki room mone hochhe....instrument tay ektu veriation anle ro valo lagto...sunte sunte mone holo elvis er kichu gaan sunchi classi typer ...but chestha ta valo hoyeche...r ektu experiment korenile aro better hoto.... :)”

Amit Sen

“Im really enjoying listening to your music. Hope to see you guys live one day :)”

Roshel Wesley

“Guys!!! I like your music a lot! you've got a unique sound and i wish you much success! ”

Dennis Montero

“I like your music and the longer it stays in play, the more I like it!!”


“like this...music is sensational.. you could actually, not be bored with it...it gets you up!!!...tremendous stuff!!!!...wow”

Andrew Rhodes

“Hey guys...I just came across your song slowly...fantastic song!! Im listening to it on n1m right now.”


“Hi, I'm totally broke at the moment and seeking new job but i'll buy your album when i get back on my feet b/c i want to support you and your music!!! may god guide you and hold you by the hand to the right path in life . i wish u the best in your years to come”


“Slowly such a great song! Keep up the good work im cheering you guys on ”


“Hi, I was so excited when I listened Slowly is probably one of the best songs I've heard in a while..thank you guys for great music. you are near a huge success. work hard. have fun. make a difference.”

Cindy L

“Darun hoe6e ..aro koakta de plz gan valo valo osadharon!”

Souvik Pal

“Awesome music, guys, best of luck for your future endeavours!!!”

Jared Pal

“Lyricsgulo habok!!”

Harinath Banerjee

“Riddhiman's voice is really good :)”

Somasree Acharjee

“The purpose of music is to deviate your soul, relax you....and Vapour Town does exactly that.”

Shayan Chakra

“Vapour Town is so freakingly amazing”

Canary Williams