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“Yet it’s no coincidence what Vanilla Sugar have already accomplished, such as the award they received for “Best Indie Band" in the 2013 Texas Buzz Music Awards sponsored by Houston rock station 94.5 The Buzz, plus their having recently opened up for Hunter Valentine and Sick of Sarah on the Houston and San Antonio stops of the “Lady Killer Tour.” While Vanilla Sugar are working on a website that will be called vanillasugarmusic.net, you can find them on Facebook [www.facebook.com/vanillasugarmusic] and Reverbnation [www.reverbnation.com/vanillasugar], as well as follow them on Twitter @VanillaSugarHTX.”

“One of my favorite bands right now is “Vanilla Sugar”, these ladies have a, genre bending sound, that so many bands try for, but many fail to do. With a ruckus sound, and awesome live show, Vanilla Sugar is a band to look out for.”

“The alt synth pop of Houston’s Vanilla Sugar will get things started for the all ages show”

“Another all-female Houston band, Vanilla Sugar, is as far from Dusty Springfield and Barbara Lynn as you can get, and will be bringing their alternative electro-pop to the Golden Triangle for the first time. "We always like to perform in new areas because we get to hopefully expand our listener base. When we play new cities, we usually get a pretty good response," said the band's Jessica Perry. "Festivals like this are extremely important for local bands. It provides a great opportunity to network and create new business relationships. It also gives bands like us a chance to perform in front of much larger crowds than we may be used to."”

“With sounds hailing from the heavens themselves, and sometimes a bit of Hades, these angels sound their instruments with fiery fingertips swirling through the netherworlds to pierce our ears with rapture itself. Composed of keyboards, samples, live guitar and drums, Vanilla Sugar is definitely one of a kind. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Vanilla Sugar is a fresh new band looking to change the way the public perceives music. And this they have done, with an alternative style that has not been matched.”

“Jessica Perry's band, Vanilla Sugar, formed in 2012. She said the challenges don't always lead to band breakups. "Starting up a band can be one of the most difficult things to accomplish in music," she says. "You have to find the right chemistry between people, usually four or five different people, with completely different personalities and make sure it works." For her and her bandmates, the right mix was an all-female group delivering alt-electro-pop. Think Sleigh Bells reimagined as Sleigh Belles and you've got the gist. "Much like the relationship between siblings, there will be fights, arguments, disappointments and you just can't avoid that," she says. "But with each argument that is overcome, the closer you and your band members will be." "The first year will be a doozy," Perry agrees. "Book as many shows as you can to get your name out there. Make sure you use social media to your advantage. Pass out flyers, and talk to people at other local shows. Word of mouth is great!"”

"Vanilla Sugar is a quartet of twenty-somethings that focuses on making edgy electro-alternative pop in the vein of Le Tigre..."

“Vanilla Sugar is an "Electrocore/Alternative" group hailing from Houston, Tx. Composed of Jessica Perry and Ashley Rovere, est. 2010.”