Van Funk / Press

“This is the soul of Bob Dylan mixed with the grit of Howlin’ Wolf and the rock appeal of Jack White. Van Funk is blues rock like you haven’t heard it before.”

“With Jessica’s sultry and soulful voice backed by the gritty riffs of Jordan’s guitar, your ears are in for a real treat. My favorite songs include: “Blues Chords”, “Art of Escape”, and “Young Winds”, but I would be doing an injustice by not stating these are the best 13 blues songs I have enjoyed in a long time. Read more at”

“Van Funk deliver their music with context, timing and atmosphere and the best bet for the audience is to soak up the sounds on offer. Drifting instrumentation floats serenely, accompanied by voices laden with emotive context and the combination of the two brings the material to life, feeding into the soul of the listeners... ...I have had the opportunity to listen to 13 and can say that if you have an interest in blues with a touch of folk, rock, funk and garage this is a fine addition to the collection. Whilst they have been working on the LP they have maintained a live presence and I feel Van Funk have a sound best shared with friends and strangers. If they get to play near you, I would think it likely to be an evening well spent."”

“Van Funk lands themselves somewhere on the darker side of folk. the switchblades and chain side...This has led to a creation of a music that speaks volumes with an un-cuddle barbwire edge. How ever, this is not to say that there is not warmth to their music. There is. It's just more of a deep inner focused kind of warmth caused by a punch to the heart more then it is campfire cumbayaing."”

" If you like your rock to have a steady folk influence or garage feel, check out The Burning Streets and Van Funk and the LeBarons" "Van Funk’s “Art of Escape” includes subdued vocals and a very gentle approach to story-telling"