Vanessa Lively / Press

“All in all I dare say Uncovering Stones by Vanessa Lively is one of the most underrated singer-songwriter albums of the past year.”

“Uncovering Stones was #5 on the Top 10 Albums of 2011 list by KUNC in Northern Colorado!”

“Top 12 of 2012 list”

Where the Birds Fly (Germany)

“With Uncovering Stones, Vanessa Lively shows how universal the language of music really is and how people all over the world can unite in solidarity, harmony and pleasure, regardless of their individual origin or race. There are many musical influences from different cultures in the songs on this record, ranging from world music, funk and pop to the typical Latin American sound. It is an album full of energy, optimism and enthusiasm.”

"Writing a song is no easy task. Writing a good one is even harder. Writing a good song that has purpose, is in touch with the life experiences of others and makes people cry tears of joy is absolutely beautiful and rare. The songs that Vanessa Lively writes are in that last category. Her travels, pains, concerns, truths and joys are all in the songs that she puts in her records. With Uncovering Stones, her latest effort, the singer is doing that one more time...It's music that needs to be heard, shared and experienced."

“Vanessa Lively's Uncovering Stones exudes quality, but is also one of those albums that you never get enough of.”

"Vanessa and her music embody the traditions of great Cactus performers past and present while bringing her own flair for world, folk and pop styles to our stage."

Matt Muñoz - The Cactus Cafe (Austin, TX)

“Vanessa Lively is not only a soulful human being, and wonderful singer/songwriter, but also an accomplished painter. She sold individual panels that composed a larger work to fund her latest work, Uncovering Stones. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, she recently came back home from a two year sojourn to South America where she and her husband worked as volunteers. Featuring an all-star cast of musicians, and a compelling mix of tempos and styles that embrace hints of urban, world, Latin, funk and pop, Uncovering Stones is a tasty chronicle of her experiences and emotions through the journey and the return. It is a beauty.”

“Impossible to truly pigeonhole, Lively’s a musical adventurer, and “Uncovering Stones” reflects her passions and tastes. “Digging Up Dirt” marks an ideal opening, with her voice cajoling whilst the subtlest of Caribbean rhythms play out. “Men In White Hats” is altogether gentler, and displays an uncanny talent for pitch-perfect song craft. That’s followed by “Honeybee”, a faultless roots-pop song, which in some parallel universe would become a staple of daytime radio.”

Leicester Bangs (UK)

“{Vanessa Lively - Canto y Cantera} This gem does double duty, paying tribute to late Argentinean singer Mercedes Sosa and reflecting the Latin folk that San Antonio native Vanessa Lively fell in love with while living in the Andes. It's a compelling combination of Chilean and Argentinean composers, folk music on fire with worldly rhythms and a Latin pulse that Lively – now locally based – masters fluidly. Beautifully arranged, too.”

“Vanessa Lively’s fourth album is a fine example of Spanish flecked Americana, the sort of thing that Texas’ great music city is renowned for. Relentlessly accessible thanks to a style which owes just as much to classic pop songwriters, she places her words amongst an evocative selection of roots instruments (charango, violin, mandolin, trumpet) and the results are languid Latin ballads, alt. country laments and upbeat folk rock.”

“Vanessa creates an energy on stage that you can feel the second you walk into the building. With lyrics that cut into you drifting alongside sweet, harmonious melodies, Vanessa's music creates much more depth than just "Something pretty to listen to". This girl can play!”

“San Antonio-born Vanessa Lively and her husband Jason, who have made extended visits to South America recorded (Canto y Cantera) in honor of Sosa, who died last October. Featuring songs recorded by the giants of the movement, Sosa, Parra, Jara, Silvio Rodriguez, Atahualpa Yupanqui and Leon Gieco, it's a splendid introduction to a powerful genre. How many American protest songwriters have been, like Jara, hunted down by death squads? How many, like Sosa, would merit three days of national mourning?”

John Conquest - Third Coast Music Magazine

"A Chain Unbroken features ten Lively-penned originals, plus a cover of Oaxaca, Mexico-born, Lila Downs' hypnotic, Latin-flavoured "Dignificada"...highlights on A Chain Unbroken include "The Only Day There Is," "Before Her Time," and the saxophone-propelled album closer "Alleluia."

"San Antonio-born, Austin-based Lively crafts acoustic music with strong lyrics and world-music underpinnings."

“Vanessa hails from San Antonio, is bilingual and bicultural -- and beautiful inside and out. Her concerts are a spiritual experience.”

"For the Miners" is a song that evocatively depicts the suffering of the friends and families of the victims of the Sago disaster is included in Let Me Rise, the debut release of singer/songwriter Vanessa Lively."

"Vanessa Lively gave the most passionate performance of a song I have ever seen."

“Missing a Vanessa Lively live show will make your life a shade sadder. You must go see her! Like exercise benefits the body, Vanessa Lively's performances do wonders for the soul.”