Vandella / Press

"San Francisco based harmonies to perfection Vandella is many things but certainly not resting themselves on any particular sonic perch. The California outfit have been compared to a smörgåsbord of historic names and rightly so. There is a sense of timelessness in their airy soulful indie rock sounds. Their new single 'A Feeling I’d Forgotten' from their forthcoming second release Strange Calls (due out April) is a laid-back offering that has thoughts of a delicious concoction The Blank Tapes, Big Star and, yes, Buckingham Nicks (the album ’73). The atmosphere is all there; easy, inviting and foundations of woodsy texture that carry the listener right along Vandella’s beautiful melodic ocean breeze. This track is summer preparation…"

"...while Vandella will bring a much-needed female touch with sultry, throaty vocals from frontwoman Tracey Holland."

“According to Vandella... “We’re very tight-knit, so when our drummer Dan was planning to propose to his girlfriend, we all had to be a part of it. We were holed up at a cabin, surprised her post-proposal, and we celebrated all weekend. As she was gushing about him, the proposal, and all of it, she said that Dan made her feel a ‘feeling (she’d) forgotten.’ Chris jotted down the line ‘cause he thought it sounded cool. I also have a sneaking suspicion that some psychedelics and a camping trip are also to thank for coalescing that one line into the rest of the song, but who knows.””

"...they’ve cultivated an earnest 70s-era sound that shines through Strange Calls, perfect for the majestic drive through Big Sur on the ocean-hugging cliffs of the Pacific Coast Highway on a clear Summer day."

"It’s easy to become broken by the machinations of the music industry, where a constant hustle, both creatively, and business-wise, is a requirement, but nowhere near an assurance of success. On 'Couldn’t Quit It' from San Francisco’s soulful, indie rock outfit Vandella, Tracey Holland wrestled with that frustration."

"If you aren’t familiar with the band, they play a raw, ’70s-style rock ‘n’ roll. Think 'Exile on Main St.'-era Rolling Stones, Neko Case and The Band. The band has been playing together since 2008, and put on a truly great live show. It’s particularly worth it to see vocalist Tracey Holland sing — she has an absolutely amazing voice that has to be seen to be believed."

“[Vandella] was a huge surprise…Singer Tracey Holland’s vocals were a-ma-zing live…If you’re into Neko Case/Jenny Lewis/insert-female-indie-darling-here, you’ll love Vandella. I only wish I’d known the songs so I could sing along.”