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“Vana Mazi’s lineup of tuba, accordion, acoustic guitar and combo drumkit immediately got my attention. I mean, you don’t see that instrumentation every day. At least I don’t. What got my attention even more was the wonderful eastern European/Balkan sounds these folks threw down. Vocally, Vana Mazi seems to hew to an English-never policy. Guitarist and lead vocalist Ian J. Everett not only has a really strong and appealing voice, dude has outstanding diction and authentic-sounding accents in several languages I do not speak. Their repetoire consists of songs that Everett collected during extensive travels fueled in part by a passion to learn music from other cultures. Aces accordionist Amanda Kitchens adds strong harmony vocals, and is a captivating frontline presence. Let’s also note that while everyone in the band has mad skilz, drummer Tim Maher is just absolutely sick. Dude is ill in the best possible sense.”

“This incredible Eastern European folk-dance group is fresh off a West Coast tour. Dripping with talent, charm, and charisma, one does not merely “attend” a VaNa MaZi show – one participates. Difficult to classify (Gyspy-slava-jazza-folk?), easy to enjoy, they make their bread and butter on music that would give Gogol Bordello conniptions.”

"Bevesszük a hétker alterkulturházait, és tolunk végre egy (azaz kettő) faja gyógy-b2b-t vasárnap, először a Tűzraktérben, majd a texasi VaNa MaZi duója után a Fogasházban. Újdzsesszek, törtek, savasak, házak szolgálnak gyógyulásra, aztán ha már mindenki jól van, akármi is lehet a kúrából... "

“We’ve been able to see a lot of live music in the last few days, thanks to the music festival and Ben’s performance at a hip-hop/R&B club in Itoman. And last night I went to MAFALi Cafe, a hip Afro-Caribbean-inspired restaurant in downtown Naha, and saw this group VaNa MaZi. So what if they are from Austin, Texas. I still want to feature them here. This was their last night in Okinawa after staying here three months, and violinist Corinna wrote this song in particular while living here. The admittedly Game Boy-borrowed beat is a little bit of Japan in their normally acoustic folk set. ”

“VANA MAZI LIVE in 天空テラス 昨夜のVANA MAZI LIVE in 天空テラスの様子です! 写真撮影はふーみんさんです。 わたしは残念ながらサンシン関係の飲み会があり 行けませんでしたが、とってもとっても盛り上がったそうです。 また、今月、3月24日(水)の『アイリッシュの日』にもまた出演してくださるそうです。 楽しみですね~♪ VANA MAZIのお二人様、本当にありがとうございました! ふーみんさんも通訳、演奏、セッティング等いろいろお疲れ様でした♪ ”

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“ マジバナをすると、VaNa MaZiはマジスゴイ。 25 Feb 2010 15:58 | permalink | comments (0) | trackbacks (0) blogram投票ボタン 妙な縁で、若いアメリカ人カップルと知り合った。 アイリッシュフィドル教室のクラスメイトが国際通りで見かけたのが最初。ビオラとギターでなにやら聴き慣れない音楽を奏でていたそうな。聞けば、ヨーロッパ各国を放浪していて、そこで学んだ民族音楽との事。アイリッシュを習っていると言ったら、『The Butterfly』(アイリッシュではポピュラーな曲)を演奏してくれたそうな。 それから数日、別のクラスメイトが彼らをカフェなどのライブで見かけ、強引に友達になり、教室まで引っ張ってきた(笑)。それからなんだか知らないが、チョクチョク一緒に演奏したりすることになっている。何で日本にいるのか聞いた所、”

“Lack of Words is Nature. Featuring Le Immagini di Vetro Project. Music: VaNa MaZi. Dance: Barbara Toraldo. Approx: 50 min. Immagini di Vetro Project Immagini di Vetro Project was born in 2007, by an idea of Giulia Spugnoli and Mario Stagi, as research about performing with different semantic forms, to show the creative and communicative experience in the art process. Words, signs, vision, sounds, light, symbols, materials and colours in a new compositive logic. The result is a very colorful sychedelic projection and crazy electronic soundtrack. VaNa MaZi Progressive Nomadic folk music from asia minor, central and southern europe played around the world by Ian J. Everett (guitar, vocals, and tsouras) and Corinne L. Zappler (viola). Date Saturday 18.09 at 21:00 Links wwwokbblogspot.com www.myspace.com/vanamazi www.myspace.com/3barbarae”