Vampirates / Press

“If you could judge the quality of a punk rock band by the cleanliness of their practice space—and assuming the dirtier the space, the better the rock—then Vampirates would be one of the best bands in town. Their practice space is filthy: ankle deep in empty beercans, a poster of Frank Zappa sitting on a toilet adorns one wall and, on another wall, a picture of a little girl from the cover of an old RN&R is augmented with an actual cigarette dangling out of her mouth. But the centerpiece of the room is a blown-up photo of the band’s friend Stan vomiting up a green and frothy cascade. What is it about a messy room that’s so conducive to rock ’n’ roll? Vampirates doesn’t pull any punches. The band plays hardcore and plays it fast, aggressive and tight, and lives up to its fearsome name. The band members rock hard and fast like there’s full sail wind at their back, and attack their instruments—and each other—like they’re out for blood.”