VAL The Band / Press

"We have chosen V.A.L. The Band-Underneath" as our Staff Pick of the Week!

"Go download their album! Uh-mazing!! V.A.L. The Band"

Amber Williams

"FB friends and Fam. Check out my friend Valerie's album!! She is making some big moves and the album is great. Show some love and Check it out!'

"Valerie Palmer (my Poteau high school classmate) has a band, you guys! I'm real proud!"

"Listening to V.A.L. The Band and workin on my fitness! Courtesy of Valerie Palmer! Perfect workout music!"

"Give it up, you must experience these guys, keep rockin.."

"This is the second time ive turned my V.A.L music on and people go nuts over it :D im telling you...if you havent heard them your misssin out!"