Valori Steele / Press

“Ahh, Valori truly does funk right with her funkalicious vocals while the grooves of her music holds it all together. She has a hard rock feel to her style of funky soul that's expressed though out the album. Val's Blues & Funky Soul starts with Chaka Khan's "You Got The Love" which totally makes you feel the love. In the beginning she even ask the listener "are you ready for a funky good time?" Which gives a good prospective of how she gets her groove on. By the middle of the album she slow the tempo down and brings the blues side out the most, with soothing guitar and her soulful singing style. There is a remake of The Rolling Stone "Gimme Shelter" which she does very well. Slightly different guitar style. The last song "Broken Hearted Blues" is the greatest on the album, it represents her style so well. "Valori is awesome, she gets people moving and having a good time. She makes you twist & shout. If you have a chance to see her live take it and let the party begin!!”

David Regalado - Bryan Farrish Promotions

“Valori Steele, from the Glimmer Twins band , led the crowd singing Happy Birthday as Kelly took the stage”

“This is the latest news about Valori Blakk Diamond Steele!! In The Scoop LA”