Valerie Michele Oliver / Press

"Absolutely love "It was Ecstasy" What a beautiful melody and great composition.Pure ear candy and totally awesome!"

“LOVE the music!”

Helen @ Listener via Facebook

“Thank you Valerie for turning me on to your awesome talent. You are a great singer and songwriter. I really enjoy your music. It's smooth.”

"Thanks for your music!"

Petri @ Listener via Facebook

“I am so happy for you. You have great talent.”

Joyce @ Listener via Facebook

“Was just listening to your music via ReverbNation, and it is simply wonderful. Well done and thanks for sharing your talent!”

Isabelle @ Listener via Twitter

“I linked you on MySpace and Twitter. You sound great!”

“I want you to know first of all that I LOVE your singing and your song writing skills! You are pretty F-ing HOT girl!”

“...love your work...keep it coming ...”

“Congratulations to you Valerie! You must be feeling simply marvelous right about now!”

“I think the dedication of our talent to such an important and heartfelt cause is awesome! Thank you for being a wonderful example and inspiration to the rest of us!”

“i just love your drive and your skills. You are an incredible writer and singer from the heart.”