“Fun is the order of the day on Seagull Kinevil’s new record. Blending a hugely eclectic scattering of ragbag musical influences this is some of the most up-beat rock music heard in ages. on the whole, this most ambitious of records is a success.”

“Seagull Kinevil are Welsh nutters who know how to rock. They provide the latest Track Of The Day.”

“Seagull Kinevill are quite simply one of the most unique bands I have heard in a long long time'To Insanity and Beyound' is a winner all-round and the aptly titled album should really be making its way onto any rock loving muso's iPod ASAP! It might just make the coming grey skies of winter all the more durable..... 8/10”

“humour in that tongue in cheek way Zappa did humour , proper no messing totally unfashionable hard rock with a folk edge and a touch of healthy insanity - the sane ones afraid for the rest of us in a world so messed up”