Valence / Press

"All I can say is that Valence is rapidly developing into one of the most intelligent and compelling heavy progressive bands out there" "Laser Baron will easily leave you wanting more so just put it on repeat and I’m sure you’ll dig it even more after you hear it 3 more times at least!"

"If you love some of the acrobatic, complex, and heavy material of current acts like Scale the Summit, Between the Buried & Me, and Animals as Leaders, this is a band you need to check out. " "If you don't have Valence on your radar yet, you need to do so."

"Holy shit, I’ve never been as impressed with a local band as I was with Valence’s performance. They smashed Fiddler’s Green here in Stamford with a very intense, musically precise and thoroughly entertaining show. Even their stage presence was impressive. They managed to pull off a humorous assortment of funny facial expressions and head-banging motions while performing music that normally requires incredible concentration. Not only was it entertaining, but it showed that the band has a refreshing attitude towards their pretentious attributes. They don’t take themselves TOO seriously, unlike many bands of their ilk." "Everybody in the place had eyes forward when they played, and there were many mouths agape, including my own. If you haven’t seen them live, do yourselves a fucking favor and go. And then you can quit your own band."

"VALENCE’s new EP is like a miniature symphony, it flows, the second “movement” is slower than the first, and, well, all I’m trying to say is that I took one semester of music theory and VALENCE clearly knows what they are doing as far as composition is concerned." "Putting the album on repeat is like being swallowed into a wormhole, it’s easy to turn this seventeen-minute album into forty-five minute one." "Laser Baron is a solid, calculated album that bonds many genres and influences into one stable, prog-based element of modern melodic metal."

"Both Michael Buonanno and Geoffrey Schaefer have inspired and killer guitar chops. They're wizards in the best sense of the word, but they arrange music and play in the band context in such a way that sounds so good you forget that they are really, really good. Laser Baron, a short three song EP, gives a taste of their skillful fret work, backed up by the terrific tight rhythm section of Chris Romano on drums and Ian Morris on bass, and wrapped up in flippin' riff monster, groovasaurus, progressive arrangements blasting sharp leads with the accuracy of the laser in question."

““When you’re an instrumental progressive rock outfit with metal leanings, good fuck you’d better know how to play your fucking instruments. Luckily, Valence — a four-piece from right outside New York City — know how to play. Like, really well.””