Vagabond Swing / Press

“Sneak Peak!!! Vagabond Swing will be releasing their debut album, "Soundtrack to an Untimely Death", this December, 2010!!! These guys are really handling their business! A self-described acoustic punk hybrid, this 7 piece band boasts mandolin, upright bass, dueling trumpets, dueling guitars, and one of the best front man drummers you have ever seen. Their sound is Gypsy Punk Afro Jazz Zydeco Ragtime Swing Rock and more. Very technically driven with a fun sound that makes you dance your ass off!! I really cannot say enough about this bands live performance. This new record has many people anxious to get a look! ”

““…Vagabond Swing had commandeered the venue with a rather impressive momentum, 'The Good The Bad and The Couillon' was enticing and there seemed to be an expansive energy occurring between the band and the increasing crowd. The drummer was standing up and urging them with loud ravings, and they immediately responded with a roar. The dual horns rose out of a slow and gaining rhythm, and as the tempo increased in the room, the place has gone completely bananas. ”“What was seemingly the sound of a freight train rolling out of swampy backwoods rail yard quickly shifted tempo as if pulling into an upbeat Carnival style jam out, followed with lyrical ringmaster style demand by vocalist/drummer, Roy Durand, "ATTENTION EVERYONEEE..." as him and Jon Stone on vocals/mandolin alert the crowd of a heist with the rest of Vagabond Swing just as convincing. . Now, not a soul would leave the room even for a smoke, the crowd was in a world of their own provided by Vagabond Swing.””

““...Their brand of music is what you might expect to hear at a backwoods Louisiana shindig. It is sort of a blend between jazz, bluegrass, and rock 'n' roll, and to do their moniker justice, they throw in a bit of swing as well. At times, they sound almost like folk pop, while at other points it is like stepping into a Tim Burton soundtrack.””

“”…Opening with a decidedly tour-de-force, uptempo composition, the band instantly took a hold of my attention. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Literally, the band’s grooves were encased in a mélange of fluid, labyrinthine rhythms. It seemed like every time I thought I had a grip on their sound, the band’s far-reaching musical leanings would surprise me yet again. It was Ragtime one minute, and Bolero the next. Surprisingly, the band managed to accomplish this without coming off as dense. Jazz, it seems is one of band’s primary influences and this was particularly evident in “Django Medley,” a 5-minute tribute to Gypsy jazz deity Jean “Django” Reinhardt.””