Ultraviolet Hippopotamus / Press

“I frickin love Ultraviolet Hippopotamus. In fact, I don’t think love is even a strong enough word for how I feel about this band.”

Summercamp Review

“First up was UV Hippo and this was really the main event for me. I have been hitting this band hard lately and I am continually blown away. These guys maintain such a diverse musical spectrum. They can go from bluegrass to the greatest Pink Floyd & Frank Zappa covers you've ever heard to jazz fusion to the wildest mind-blowing jam rock your little brain can handle.”

Jeremy Frazier - Chicago Jam Scene

“Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, or UV Hippo as many know them, has revived my passion in seeing local acts over the past year and a half.”

Greg Molitor - Music Maruaders

““This Grand Rapids band does the groovy, experimental, jam-rock thing in a way that would make Frank Zappa proud.””

Brian McCollum - Detroit Free Press

““UV Hippo...plays jam-rock with mind-boggling proficiency.””

— Troy Reimink - Grand Rapids Press

“Ultraviolet Hippopotamus adds a level of talent, intricacy and polish that truly sets it apart. Tight, energetic jams and outstanding vocals — a true rarity among the band’s peers — coupled with the act’s spontaneity and strong songwriting add to its appeal.”

Jeffery V. Smith - The Marquee