Us on Roofs / Press

"...the dynamic guitar-driven trio plays catchy, impeccably structured syncopated rock that showcases Fisher's poetic lyrical approach"

-Nick Feldman, Seattle Weekly

"A guitar-driven indie-rock outfit that has shared the stage with like-minded locals the Oregon Donor and Conservative Dad"

-Megan Seling, The Stranger

"From Gig Harbor, Us On Roofs specialize in sweet vocal melodies that aren’t afraid to explore the shadows of those little garden paths down by the river. The result is uplifting and triumphant, a national anthem within the boundaries of your heart."

-Tyson Lynn, The Seattlest

"With song titles like "Dreams of Trees" and "Stones in the River" it's clear why Gig Harbor's Us on Roofs cite poet Robert Frost as an influence. Combining melodic guitar riffs, superior songwriting, and sincere vocals, this band skillfully translates naturalist themes into catchy indie rock that is both refreshing and quintessentially Northwest."

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