Usman Riaz / Press

“Usman Riaz, a TEDGlobal Fellow, is a composer and musician.”


“This year he proved to everyone that he is Pakistan’s brightest music talent.”

“Riaz’s music comes across as mature and far too profound for someone of just 21.”

“Appreciating the 21-year-old’s grasp on percussive guitar, Reed called Riaz a “wonderful musician”.”

“His performance pulls the audience along as his fingers dance across the strings.”

“Twenty-one-year-old musician Usman Riaz is as comfortable with his musical techniques as a seasoned magician is with his tricks.”

“Usman Riaz is an immensely talented musician.”

“Usman Riaz is an immensely talented musician.”

“They say ‘If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.’ And this artist totally justifies the line and Thy name is Usman Riaz.”

“A maestro is someone who is defined as ‘a master in an art.’ It is especially true for those people who are in the music field as composers, conductors or music teachers. Usman Riaz is one such individual.”

“Usman Riaz: A true Genius sensation”

“Leo Tolstoy considered music to be, “the short hand of emotion” and his golden words truly describe the 21-year-old musical genius Usman Riaz.”

“Album Alert: The guitar prodigy”

“This should win the boy the 2011 Nobel Prize for Music (they should make a category and give it to him).”

“Terms, such as eclectic, electrifying, clean, incisive, fall by the wayside, incapable of expressing the depth and maturity of the young musician’s work.”

“Usman Riaz, who performed twice during the night, with nothing but his guitar was an overdose of talent, showmanship and pure musical genius.”

“Catching up with Usman Riaz”

"Youngster Usman Riaz proved his talent in his rendition of “Saeen” for Junoon’s 20th Anniversary Album, fellow newcomer Bilal Khan failed to impress."

“YouTube video of the day: Usman Riaz outshines on 'Saeen'”

“I truly believe music is magic – Usman Riaz”

“YouTube video of the day: Fire Fly by Usman Riaz”