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“The world must hear your majestic work, princess! I wish you the best. As always, a pleasure to listen to your music”

Giscard Nazon

“The most exciting aspect of Usheda's music is her desire to adapt any style to suit her song's story..there is a Kelis-like rock attitude to "I Don't Love You" and a distorted twist on the 60's girl group sound with "Guess Who I Saw"..and on the beautiful, rich ballad "Blue Without You" she moves around a rock gospel vibe that soars and shines like her soulful, emotive vocals. Blessed as both a writer and performer, Usheda is throwing it out and unlikely to see failure soon. Quite beautiful tracks.”


“One of a kind artist, definitely a breath of fresh air.”


"Excellent performer, she creates a magic on stage"

242 Music Group

“This is a $60,000 to $70,000 a show artist!”

DJ A One

“Such a beautiful young lady with a beautiful spirit. Her music is exceptional for such a young artist.”

Iyanla Vanzant

“Wow!!! Usheda's music is incredible...knocked me off my feet! Usheda is a true artist.”

VP of Sony Records

“It was really great working with Usheda The Princess. She is full of energy! She spoke to the camera like no other. We look forward to working with her again!”

Pon TV Network

“Usheda is a very good song writer. For such a young artist she is well versed in freestyle writing. It was such a pleasure working with such a strong and powerful young princess.”

Unique Sounds Productions

“Usheda is a very pleasant young princess whose energy demands your attention. Her music is healing and will cross over to many different fans.”

Blue Steel Entainment

“This artist voice is very warm and inviting. Her image is very stunning and her music is exceptional.We really look forward to seeing Usheda hit the stage, blessing us with her presence.”

The Caymanian Compass

“This young Princess from America not only has the look but a sound that the world WILL love. Fans are requesting her presence. The uniqueness to Usheda is wonderful, refreshing and a touch of an ancient princess.”

Nadini Jayashanka - Lankadeepa News

“This young artist is heating up Internationally and is sure to send a wave over the radio and video media.”


“Usheda's album The Emerald is heating up and fans all over are screaming for this Princess. Guess Who I Saw, Other Side and Blue Without You just to name a few have really been getting some serious hits. Check Usheda out on myspace, facebook, twitter. She is guaranteed to knock you socks off!”

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