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“Da quando avevo 20 anni sognavo di plasmare le mie idee con la musica e adesso non e più un sogno”. Lo dice con grande soddisfazione Pietro Urso, compositore di musica elettronica nato in Sicilia e migrato in Spagna 23 anni fa, che di note e sintetizzatori è riuscito a fare la sua professione.”

"Do not let the day end without having grown a bit, without being happy, without having increased your dreams. Be not overcome by discouragement. Do not let anyone take away the right to express yourself, which is almost a must. No abandon the desire to make your life extraordinary. not stop believing that the words and the poems they can change the world. matter what our essence is intact. we are beings full of passion. Life is desert and oasis. we fells, hurts us, teaches us, makes us protagonists of our own history. Though the wind blows against the powerful play goes: you can contribute a verse. never stop dreaming because dreams are free man .. . "

Walt Whitman

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