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“Whats up bro!! Keep on keepin it real and dont fall into the sound like everybody else and not real shit! you got the talent to do your own thing and make music to relate too!! Real life shit family,friends,situations,rela​tionships!!! Not about fake shit money,cars,hoes,ect you got this Kid. sincerley ~ a Fan”

David Lewis - Facebook Comment

“Wat up g I just want to thank u and everybody in all ur albums for creating this art for our ears, ur music has helped me get through some tough times, it has also inspired me to keep reaching those goals that seem impossible at times, much love and mad respect to u all.”

Joshua Nobile - Facebook Comment

“I just wanted to drop by here cuz I was checkin out tha music and what not. Lettin my bf listen to it. I gotta say on tha real though: You and David put all other Farmington rappers to shame and they should seriously just give up.lol Real talk. :) Keep on doin what ya do man.”

“Listened To Your New Song...... Dude It Sounds Flippin' AWESOME!!”