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“Michael Urbaniak famous American project from the mid 80, clearly showed that the real hiphop is jazz! It was born out of love to black music and shares common origins with jazz. Two records were made in New York (1989 and 1995) under a well-known record label Ubx Records. The list of musicians who performed with Urbanator includes Mega stars of American music such as Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Lenny White, Michael Brecker, Randy Breker, Bernard Wright, Al MacDowell, Kenny Kirkland, Kenny Garett, Tom Browne, Apocaypse, Solid, Hiram Bullock, Dave Gilmore. Don Blackman, Troy Miller, Otto Williams, Frank Parker, Xantone Blackcq, Femi Temowo, Miss Mika, OSTR, and many others.”

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