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“The sultry, big band jazz sound swings with swagga, grabbbing my hips in arcs of solid funk and classic swank. Horns, electric bass, ivory keys, and soulful bliss in the form of Ms. Parchia's voice...the sound is full, evocative of blue smoke in a jazz den of times gone by....all while the lyrics speak volumes in insight contemporary metaphors. Unpretentious and unpretending intelligence, introspection, and humility come together to create a subtle grace that permeates this work of art.”


“The beats are fresh and lyrics are poetic. With the soul sounds of 'Not the Color Blue' to the bluesy beats of 'Broken Blues' and the uplifting flow of 'Take Notice' there's something for everyone. Check it out you own't be disappointed.”

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“I have to say this one of my favorite groups that's performed, I've watched a lot of artist. Since June 24th I've produced 40 of these exact shows all over the place and I've seen a lot of acts, this trio right here has a lot to offer.”