Unweeded Garden / Press

"Unweeded Garden--not sure I even like the sound, but I find myself listening."

Mongo--Proprietor - Mongo's Lounge

"Richie Retlets opened the set with twenty-five minutes of inexplicable adjustments. He sought the settings he was looking for with the diligence of a school boy--on stage alone with his laptop and headphones. No one in the audience minded--they weren't listening anyway and probably assumed he was a sound technician setting up for the headlining act."

Lucretia Maghee--Arts and Entertainment Editor - Voodoo Woman Rag

“I met with Richie Retlets and asked if he were Unweeded. He replied, 'I try not be, but at the present moment, unfortunately, I am.'”

Tina Seymour--Beat Reporter - The Square