Unto Acheron / Press

“Unto Acheron is a young band of some serious musicians, not doing what everyone else is, blending in. They have taken Metalcore/Deathcore and added a twist, "Greekcore." Their self-titled release through Ling Chi Records, due out in February, is an amazing take on how to keep metal real, heavy, and new. The riffage, beats and vocals all complement each other, and the band definitely seems in tune with one another. The riffs weren't forced and transitions were very smooth. Musicianship definitely shows here. Tracks like "The Rise Of Ares" and "Hera's Betrayal" are some great tracks to get a great feel for this band. This album isn't something you have to listen to a few times to like it. It's good the first time around and is definitely something everyone needs to complete their ever-growing metal collection. Keep an eye out for Unto Acheron; If they can keep this momentum going, they're going to be around for a long time to come.”