Until we have Faces / Press

"If you’re a fan of heavy music of any variety you’ll probably find something to like about this band. Instead of getting into petty genre fights as many metalheads are apt to do these days, these guys blend their different sounds to create something new and brutal and yet familiar. "

Carley Gooley - music blogger

"As I read some of the comments on the Facebook page of Until We Have Faces (undoubtedly inspired by the C.S. Lewis novel) I couldn’t help but develop a liking for them before I even heard the music. They respond to haters by trolling them right back, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted way. I think you’ll find that this female fronted metal band really knows their stuff. I definitely hear a bit of Torche in this band’s music and could even picture them playing alongside some of the louder shoegaze bands like Nothing and Whirr. Actually, Torche and Nothing toured together so there you go. The music, in addition to being loud, has a bit of swagger to it not often heard in metal."

"Another shitty hipster band. Urgh"

Ryan Fitzenreider - facebook

“5 out of 5 stars! Female fronted metalcore band, Until We Have Faces, is an up and coming band from Pittsburgh, PA who's release, "Machine Men" is sure to please any hard rocker. This six song EP is available for download for any donation and the production is excellent. Bonnie Ramone wields the microphone and sings with clean, yet aggressive, style vocals. Travis Ankeny handles the screams and bass. Other members include Ashlin Ingram on drums, Sam Phillips on keys and synth, and Dave Corkery handles guitar. The music is aggressive and filled with catchy hooks and head banging rhythms. Bonnie's voice tastily fits the music and blends well with the nicely blended growls and screams. My personal favorite songs on this release are "We Are Man", "You Bring The Pitchfork, And I'll Bring A Prayer", and "You Should See Her". You can download this album for any sized donation on their facebook page, but please make sure you pay something to help support this great band.”

"great metal band - their formula for metal is incredible" - David Fairhead - Kettle Whistle Radio