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“SO glad to see artists from time to time who are in music for the right reason. You obviously hear the music in your head and arent interested whether its marketable or cool or any other coloquialism. You make music because you feel it, and thats beautful and makes me want to listen more”

“I love your style. Very unique and talented. It's like great candy...I want more.”

"saddam and gamerica" from the underground ~ positive vibes!

“Good to hear some live tracks on here; give proof a band can hack it, and good stuff too! ”

“Love it, I particularly love your voice and the lyrics, and the music falls into place perfectly. ”

“Wow! There's a great collection of music here and I'm enjoying it all.”

"It sound's like Nirvana was sexually molested by Marilyn Manson and had a mangy dog bastard love child"