Unsacred Seed / Press

“from start to finish this album will grab you and pull you into the trenches for a dark and perilous journey into the deepest depths of the Death Metal genre!”

“Style driven, highly focused material ensure that Unsacred Seed grab you by the balls, scream in your face and then let you get back to the insanity of the music.”

“I think Unsacred Seed is really a great Extreme Metal band which you shouldn’t miss... With the collaboration of Ukrainian/Canadian producer KloneZ in the mix, these guys release a fantastic new album which takes a further step in Unsacred Seed’s music.”

“Nominated for CHRW's 2013 Local Album of the year.”

“I don’t know which bands Unsacred Seed reminds me of, but I do know that this is the kind of death fucken metal that I can get behind. Holy crap, dudes. This shit is awesome. By Odin, modern death metal with electronic soundbits, melody and varied songwriting [Frontiers].”

“I haven’t heard anything like this before, to be honest. These guys can literally light the universe on fire when they’re not pounding it with a meteor shower. Heavy as fuck, yet also beautifully rendered; this is one hell of an album [Frontiers].”

"One of the best metal albums I have hear all year... [2013 Debut]"

"This is well done groovy blackened death metal."... "Very solid riffing... focus on writing memorable songs ....they know the art of badass soloing,.. I think the slightly raw production makes Unsacred Seeds take on modern metal more interesting. And I think you should check them out. [2013 Debut]