Unnatural Soundz / Press

“Having seen the dynamic duo of Nathan Barry and Charles “Chuck” Taylor perform in an earlier incarnation of the group, this was my first time seeing them with new additions Weston Wilkerson (aka DJ BodySlanga), Jason Case (drums), and Erik Lollar (bass). Before the group went into Go-mode, Taylor pointed to the door and made it very clear that anyone who couldn’t take a joke could exit the building. Striking an eerie resemblance to Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Tomahawk, etc.) Barry showcased his musical diversity by juggling keyboard, guitar and mixing a varied vocal range while Taylor playfully interacted with the crowd and hit hard with a KRS One style delivery that dropped quick jabs of jokes and verses on a wild audience.”

“UNS, as their fans affectionately dub them, are very hard to categorize, if you happen to be one of those who need a label to better understand what you’re getting into. Are they a band? Are they comedians? Are they serious? The answer to these questions are Yes, sort of and most of the time. You see, Unnatural Soundz are just as their moniker suggests—unique and outside the box. Part hip-hop, part heavy rock, all business, UNS have quickly earned themselves a large local following through a barrage of late-night shows with any and every act that will let them play.”

“these guys are soooo gooood!! if u havent seen them live u better, great show!!”


“Unnatural Soundz will be showcasing its new sound and band lineup during "Cocktail Hour" at The Handlebar at 10 p.m. Thursday. The cost is $3 for ages 21 and older and $5 for ages 18 to 20.”

“dirty diana and sweet tea had me buggin out yoooo had to stop by and show love! keep doin what u do jonblaq onourgame.com”


“you guys are fucking sick!!!!”

DJ Brodi Love


Mistress if No Way Out INC

“Feelin That "Sweet Tea". Keep Grindin.”

Frankie O Solovely