The Unknown / Press

“Exclusive Interview Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today. We are from Broomall, PA, a town outside of Philadelphia. Starting as friends we shared the same interest in music and decided to start a band, The Unknowns. What do you have coming up? What are some of the new projects we can expect to see? We have a demo out now, working on a full length album while making some changes within the band, and playing bars around the upper Darby area. We expect to be recording by summer. Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone. Decadence is one of our first songs, that is all we know about it. How does your music separate yourself from other artists and bands out there? Our music does not necessarily follow any specific genre and we try to capture a certain feeling within each song. (Click On Link to read the rest of the Interview)”