Union Sound Set / Press

““Brilliant. They make massive-bollocked’ new shoe’ rock and will make you feel so much in heat you’ll rub your arse ragged on the new lino” ”


"Choruses the size of new-build Far East skyscrapers and breakdowns as skin-prickling as the finest instrumentalists out there in post-rock land”

Drowned in Sound

““Union Sound Set crafts a perfect blend of indie rock with melancholic ambience” ”

““Soaring, powerful and with a sensitive edge that just keeps on giving. ‘Start/Stop’ is a humble but effective album that is jubilant and heavyhearted in equal measures, and one not to be missed””

““An album of shimmer blissful rock that should be all over radio by the end of the year if there is any justice in the world””

““With shimmering guitars and epic choruses, the band have a huge sound that even so early in their careers sounds destined for large arenas and possibly stadiums””

Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

““’Start/Stop’ is a brilliant debut album from Union Sound Set that is currently residing in my Top 10 Favourite Albums of 2010””

““‘Start/Stop’ is one of the most listenable debut albums that I have heard in a long time” 5/5”

““Hauting, vivid in colour and sound, the album uses every trick up the indie sleeve offering a wall of sound and a limitless backdrop that stares down at the unfulfilled potential of 90s shoegazers with pity””

““’Star /Stop’ stands out on its own as a credible record of shoe-gazing post-rock at its best””

““Overall ‘Start/Stop’ is one of the strongest debut albums of the year, once you've pressed play, you won't want it to stop” - 9/10”

““’Start/Stop’ (has) a real punch. The best tracks, such as ‘My Current State’ and ‘Answers’, shimmer and shudder with repressed emotion, alongside the sheets of carefully crafted guitar noise"”

““’Start/Stop’ is truly amazing; a real masterpiece, loaded to the max with allure and stirring every human emotion” – 10/10”