Unimother 27 / Press

“Un viaggio continuo ed universale quello di Unimother 27. Ritmo di un disco all’anno per il progetto di Piero Ranalli (City Sewer System, Insider, Areknames), dopo l’esordio omonimo del 2006 e ‘Escape from the Ephemerald Mind’ del 2007. ‘Grin’ prosegue e al tempo stesso innova quanto espresso nei lavori precedenti: un trip senza ritorno tra psichedelia, kraut rock, straniamenti progressivi e vibrazioni acide. Per esprimere le quali Piero giostra in totale libertà con basso, chitarre, batteria, synths, voce, percussioni, ocarina e aggeggi elettronici vari. “Non è possibile attraversare lo stesso fiume due volte, perché continua a scorrere”, si legge sul retro del booklet. Un dipinto di Francis Bacon in copertina e un estratto da ‘Meeting with Remarkable Men’ di Peter Brook – il viaggio spirituale e gli incontri con uomini straordinari di G.I. Gurdjieff – confermano la natura profonda e sentita di Unimother 27, un ponte tra il sonoro e l’assoluto.”

Alessandro Zoppo / Perkele

“Piero has a rather original style of making psychedelic music and I like Unimother 27 very much. As his influences he mentions for example Ash Ra Temple, Cosmic Jokers, Amon Düül II, Chrome, Guru Guru and Tuxedomoon, but he doesn’t really sound like any of these.”

Psychotropic Zone

“Grin is a very good and mind-expanding album and can be recommended for those who like long, mostly slow, bit monotonic but psychedelic and hypnotic tracks. There are suitable amounts of heaviness and melody in there, as well as some more experimental aspects.”

Psychotropic Zone

“Unimother27 is from Italy and has produced two past albums (well,Cds)that were really pretty great. This Mr. Ranalli is another one man band of sorts....and this time out on his new CD GRIN he has made another set of dark psychedelic progressive journeys for your mind.”

Psychatrone Rhonedakk

“Unimother 27 aka Piero Ranalli has created a very dense and out of this world Krautrock. Grin is his third album and if the two previous one are as good, this is certainly a project worth following. It created for me another musical time warp where I contemplated Faust, Taro and other classics Kraut. However, this is not a mere copy of old Krautrock or a vain nostalgic effort, this CD is actual and a real ear worm at times. This music is also not for the faint hearted or the commercially inclined ones. For those of us who like to tread strange and unsettling places, who are ready to leave their comfort zone, this project is a boon. I was impressed by the fact that it is a one man project. The overall production is also at par with the music. This album contains five fairly long pieces which permit good unfolding and complexities in the musical textures and mindscapes.”

Michel F - Proggnosis

“Italian multi-instrumentalist Piero Ranalli has an impressive pedigree, having played with space-doom-stoner band Insider, and currently with the outstanding progressive rock band Areknames. Ranalli formed Unimother 27 as his solo Krautrock/Psychedelic/Prog project and Grin is his third album (see reviews of the first two in AI 36 & 37). There are 5 tracks on Grin, all in the 8-12 minute range, so Ranalli has plenty of room to stretch out and develop his themes. ”

Jerry Kranitz - Aural Innovations