“The final band of the night was Unifyah. This reggae-rock act is a blast and are about the only of their kind around town with a full horn section. Fitting all nine of them on Lemmons stage was quite the task, but Brian Fleschute did accommodate them and they sounded good for the space. It was actually the best sound I have heard there that I can recall. These guys played last year’s Rock U Fest inside the “Foxhole” which is now newly transformed and updated to the new monicker, “The Demo“. The group features Kevin Griffin on lead vocals. Colin on guitar and vocals, Greg plays bass, Tommy plays the drums. They have a conga player named Trevor, a trumpet player named Reggie, a saxophonist named Jessie and Bryan plays the trombone and also does vocals. A few of the horn players also are in The Murder City Players. The hits just don’t stop with songs like “Light ‘Em Up“, “Good Lovin” and “Over You“. If you haven’t seen these guys before, then you need too!”

““By 9:50pm the stage was overtaken by Saint Louis’ own Dreadnot.(now known as Unifyah) Complete with a horns section, the group took up nearly the whole stage as fans were returning to their spots on the floor. In the final moments of silence, I could distinguish the anxiety and uneasiness in some of the musician’s faces. These worries were short-lived as the group started performing a song titled Make Way. Lead singer, Kevin Griffin, took a two-handed grip on the microphone and the bass line began to run for its life. If I were blindfolded during some of their set, I could have easily mistaken these guys for Slightly Stoopid.””