Unified Past / Press

“A Definite "Must Have" For Your Prog Rock Collection”

"The band known as Unified Past really have something to share with us all. Great music and a great message..."

"...One of those albums that on first listen you can't wait to hear what comes next".

Michael Popke - Progression Magazine, Issue #68

"...the best album by this band so far...A solid album on all levels"

"Unified Past takes another giant step forward, catapulting the band to the upper tier of respectability alongside American prog/rock bands like Dream Theater, Queensryche and Spock's Beard."

"The music is totally godly...10 out of 10 easily."

"...very high quality stuff that is a must for fans of Yes, Styx, Spock's Beard. Make sure not to miss this excellent release!"

"every track on the album has its own strengths...definitely recommended".

"...a sharp, tight album of gutsy tracks delivered with bright, dynamism and impressive technical mastery."

"...make sure you buy a ticket (and the album too) when you learn that Unified Past goes on tour."

"These guys combine vintage prog rock sound with more actual prog sounds in a very beautiful and somehow intriguing way. "

"...an album of great modern progressive music." 5/5

"If you like your prog loud and proud, with a definite American twist, then this is for you. 8/10.

“Progressive Rock fans around the world, will find tremendous delight hearing "Shifting the Equilibrium"”

"Proves to be a great album"

"...The compositions are all very good, the musicianship is of top level and those that enjoy Heavy Neo Prog will find much to like on this very good album".

"...A highly flavoursome and skilfully varied slice of progressive rock hard that even more are going to get a potent kick out of".

“Unified Past is a talented lot with their own sound. Their melodies are quite catchy, the vocal harmonies grand, the songs complex at times, and the musicianship always stellar.”

"...Pretty damn good and quite original."

"...A work very much worth listening to; a retro-prog mixure between Yes and Dream Theater."

"A beautiful album. Take action to obtain this one...Highly recommend". 4.5/5

"Unified Past have honed their prog abilities to a razor sharp point and “Shifting the Equilibrium” is the result of their hard work and dedication to their craft."

"Shifting the Equilibrium represents the highest point so far for the band from Syracuse."

"...it's time for the world to realize the talents of this great modern progressive hard rock group. Highly Recommended".

"A must for lovers of the more substantial prog rock."

"Powerful, energizing music that makes you sit up and listen, ‘Shifting the Equlibrium’ is most definitely Unified Past’s most impressive release to date."

"A Masterstroke...a wonderful album that should delight fans...an album that will make a big splash"

"5/5 for its spot on accuracy and thought provoking progressions."

"10/10! One of the top five progressive albums of the year"

"This album is a killer... HFYE gives it a BIG 10/10"

"The album is a must for fans of progressive rock."

"This is some of the best Progressive Rock I have heard in a long while."

“This is Prog Rock at its finest!”

“Pretty fandamntastic, more creative melodic power progressive rock from some talented masters of the genre.”

"A classic of the genre...Captivating compositions combining complexity and melody"

"Craftsmanship! A clear case of seasoned artists who know what they need to do to make a success of their songs. Wonderfully powerful progressive songs"

"Phil adds a great vocal to an already solid sounding band, and what you get is pure enjoyment!"

"...a satisfying chunk of prog metal/power metal"

"...A very interesting album, without weakness, eleven prog metal tunes to savor without restraint"

"Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is a pure state of genius."

"...an essential ProgMetal Album for your collection".

"...This is a great disc...it's all prog and quite strong prog at that".

“A romping, melodic roller coaster ride of angular twists and turns as intellectually satisfying as it is viscerally breathtaking.”

Nick Tate - Progression Magazine

"There's much talent here, without a doubt"

"Some very innovative material here and Unified Past is a name that prog fans old and new would be well advised to check out.

“...As good a slab of the genre as you’re likely to find.”

“A production that should see the band establishing a reach towards a fairly broad sized audience.”

"I must say I was impressed...For all those out there who appreciate solid prog, this is one album worth a shot."

"An album that boasts of healthy creativity and a mood for improvisation. 4/5 stars"

"An enthralling and magnetic adventure"

“Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...”

“Spots” is one hell of a Progressive Rock/Metal release that will easily be in the top 10 prog albums of 2013.”

"...If you like your prog on the heavy side Unified Past will be well worth your time. they are certainly a band to watch out for. Easily recommended!"

"... A true smorgasbord of musical styles that meld into a very satisfying style that is uniquely Unified Past. Any true fans of progressive music who are not already fans of this band should jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible."

"You too will enjoy the music on "Spots"...Great stuff!

“Superb musicianship throughout, tight 'stop on a dime' tempo changes, powerhouse drumming and gut thumping bass, excellent vocal harmonies, and melodic hooks that counterpoint the frenzied fretboard gymnastics. “Spots” is highly recommended for fans of progressive metal. ”

“Unified Past's Spots offers what's best about melodic progressive rock: musical entertainment and intrigue delivered by exceptionally talented musicians. Easily recommended. ”

"A heavy metal progressive manifesto"

“The Unified Past of this band combines the fruits of legendary sounds with the excitement in finding something new that transcends time and space. This is one of the best albums of 2013.”

“Good instrumental exhibitions, demonstrating a mastery of the instruments in complex rhythms and melodies of great progressive flavor”