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“LP REVIEW from MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL#323 april 2010 U.D.I. - L.P. The initials stand for UNIDENTIFIED DRUNKEN INJURY, which is appropriate for the booze-filled, nihilistic thrash that these dudes throw down. There are stylistic nods, not to be mistaken as imitations, toward mid-'80s crossover thrash like the ACCUSED and SEPTIC DEATH, even F.O.D. The lyrics are hate-filled and the venom is pointed towards everything dumb in American society. The singer has a cool vocal style that flows through the wall of thrash, blasting from one track into another. The first listen of this album had me mentally dismissing it as OK, but i ended up spinning it several more times and really started digging it. Pretty damn good.(BG) (SPIDER CUDDLER) ”

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“ UDI-Unidentified Drunken Injury (Spider Cuddler, 12") Boys just wanna thrash? Yes... yes, they do and that's exactly what these boys from Michigan do. Fast fast fast hardcore punk going full tilt over the course of these 14 songs on a one-sided 12", including a splendid cover of Raw Power's "Fuck Authority," although I have to admit I miss the cowbell from the original. Vocalist Mike Ratt lets the words fly--it's amazing how he's able to sing without taking much of a breath on these songs. I imagine not a lot of you ever heard of the underrated San Diego band the Neighbors, but these guys bring 'em to mind, both in terms of the speed and Mr. Ratt's phlegmy vocal delivery. This has a mid-80s vibe, when hardcore had been around for a bit but there were bands sticking with the tried and true formula. That's the case on this 2010 release and it's still highly enjoyable to these ears. (PO Box 887, Warren, MI 48090, www.spidercuddler.com) ”

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“UDI, straight from the gutter in the alleyway to the stage.”