"From the moment ‘The Calling Of Sin’ opens with its blazing mix of relentless riffs and double kick drums, you know exactly what the band are going to deliver with the albums remaining ten tracks that follow. As an opener, ‘The Calling of Sin’ is simple and straight down the line brutality"

"...this Tampa-based death machine supergroup just might be the most caustically brutal and brilliant band within the U.S... Death and blackness beyond combine with seasoned blasted skills to create an extreme record with just a hint of various old schools to keep it from exploding entirely." "

"Unholy Ghost's debut appearance is a solid death metal album with cool speeds, fantastic soloing, musicianship and cover artwork... will impress fans of the Florida death metal sound."

"...the use of dynamics throughout the CD, with the band changing the riffing style every now and then to add a little breath of fresh air to keep your attention and it just makes the overall song quality better. The second is the use of guitar solos. They’re actually melodic and catchy, being more than collections of notes that are played at blazing speeds and that’s something I haven’t heard done in Brutal Death Metal in ages."

"Torrential Reign” is [Unholy Ghost's] debut album which is being released in Europe on Century Media Records this month. Unholy Ghost are a top notch death metal band, as one would expect after hearing the names of the individuals who are involved in this band. The wicked riffing of the two guitar players, in combination with Aantar Lee Coates’ insanely fast drumming are a true pleasure for the death metal ear.