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“Customer Reviews Excellent Hip Hop by Fantasy Ink In this album Willis expresses both sides of himself, a cool chill side contrasted by a strong dark side. Its has alot of emotion and truth. It doesn't follow the "template" of other music played on the radio just to make a quick buck. I also like his rhymes and music and the way he delivers it. This is excellent Hip Hop. ”

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“WILLIS “Unfadeable” Once again, I have something for you, it’s time again, for my weekly review! Listen to the beat, Listen to the ryme, You’re in for a treat, You’ll have a rocken good time! Listen to this dude, Listen to his music, www.myspace.com/willspitz the band site is www.secretproductionz.com ”


“author: crazy lady Your songs are so awesome,I like to listen to them a lot.I have a couple that are my favorite.I like 'Unfadeable','Shake Your Booty','Crazy',&'Soldier.' Those I like the most,but like I said all of your songs are wesome... ”

Crazy lady

“author: Jill Wow....awsome all around!!! ”


“author: Tin Man This record is really good, theres not a bad song on it. It's catchy as hell, and I can really relate to everything he's rapping about! Buy it, it's worth it! ”


“author: Andy i literally nutted right on the case after just the 1st track...kudos Mr. Willis...KUDOS.... ”


“author: Nancy i've been a fan since you were a nobody on myspace. Now that you've catapulted to heights not even i ever forsaw, it unbelievable, you truly are, UNFADEABLE. i keep looking for you on the charts but never seem to see your name, keep pushing. i listen to "All i Got" everynight before i lay my head on my feather goose pillow. i put it on repeat til i pass out. You are more than a "rapper" your an author. Read more... ”


“author: Luz Gomez i have to be honest heere, Reggaeton is really my thing thing, but my homegirl put me onto you and you have the best hooks...keep doin' you papi ”


“author: Stanley i've been 'porking' my girl to "Take it by Force" the last couple night's. Sh*t gets my d*ck hard. Read more... got me movin' ”


“author: Tammy Lopez I think its a very HOT song and keep going I love this type of music..it speaks the truth!!If peeps give it bad reviews then they don't need to listen to it! Read more... good times ”

Tammy Lopez

“author: Greg S Shit is dope Kill you ”

Geg S

“www.myspace.com/willspitz over 8 MILLIONS PLAYS and 50,000 FANS!”



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cd baby

“http://community.imaginefx.com/blogs/pixmakers_blog/archive/2008/09/04/WILLIS-KING-.aspx ”