Uneeda / Press

"Local punk rock band, Uneeda, teamed up with local film company, Filigree Productions, to create a music video that looks straight out of Hollywood!"

Wendy Rose - The Newfoundland Herald

"They had already gained alot of attention, with female frontwoman Alexis rocking out in a scene full of dudes, but it's their new music video that's really brought them to the forefront. The video, for their song "Momentum", had over 1000 views on YouTube in its first 24 hours."

Crista Cram - The Overcast

"While a lot of bands fronted by women seem to get a lot of criticism for having a shy lead singer, this is certainly not the case here. "

"It was genuinely hard to tell that anyone in the band was sick, as right from the beginning of their set they were rocking out in full force and feeding off the crowd’s energy as they moshed about the floor."