The Understudies / Press

“« Poe - What I Do (prod. Citizen) (Exclusive) » "Poe got flows.”

“Berkeley label Earpeace Records has burdened itself with being a torchbearer for local, independent, politically-conscious hip-hop. Laced with dense, paragraph-length verses and un-ironic references to the four elements, Twenty 10s plants emcees JB Nimble, Poe, and Cyberclops in the same lineage as Quannum rappers Lateef and Lyrics Born...you can tell that Poe and JB labored heavily over their lyrics.”

Rachel Swan - East Bay Express

“Citizen, In Search of Her Soul. Recording a tribute to the legendary Nina Simone is certainly a daunting task, but Citizen pulls it off. In Search of Her Soul has a cool, laid-back feel. It blends hip-hop smoothly with jazz and soul elements. Samplings from Simone's old records add a nostalgic touch to this solo debut by a member of hip-hop collective The Understudies.”

Kirsty Evans - East Bay Express

"...Incredible...Citizen does a fantastic job and the EP should not be ignored.

Mega - Hail Megatron

“Sean E. Depp, Catharsis. The latest from enterprising hip-hop crew The Understudies, Catharsis features sputtery raps from Berkeley emcee Sean E. Depp. He's a big fan of simile (e.g., I'm a dick like Cheney) and he enjoys biting other people's lines without any apparent sense of irony (e.g., The revolution will not be televised). Producers Whatson, Citizen, Myers, and Shonsteez contribute backing tracks with varying levels of intricacy. The best part is when he gets on "that soldier shit."”

Rachel Swan - East Bay Express

"rawer than a piece of freshly slaughtered cow...Rate of Exchange is some top notch music...the best project to come out of the Understudies ...with Self Advocate making a name for himself as being one of the best [Bay Producers] in going"

“CC3...Or Something [contains] a signature sound that should make any Hiero fan happy. It's not hyphy music, it's simply quality hip hop with that classic sound and you definitely have variety.”

"...a lot of talent. I really enjoyed this...a refreshing breath of uncontaminated oxygen in a world of pollution and garbage...The group dropped some nice lyrics...cool sounding, off-kilter-flow, stuff that we used to hear in the early 90's."

"[The Understudies' music] is in the vein of the Living Legends and some of the other underground west side classics...[CC2:Class is in Session] contains that same mentality. Just straight up dope lyrics and bangin' beats." - WYDU