Under Pressure Music / Press

“UPM has garnered massive airplay To date, they have amassed over 120,000 plays of their songs, which tend to straddle many genres of music rather than sticking to just one. Click the [here]nb link below for a recent newspaper article”

“UPM is ecstatic that the band's music is one of 1,000 songs worldwide sponsored by Microsoft in their sponsored song program, and being offered for free downloading in a new web-based, independent music promotion. Click the link below for the news article”

“UPM does not play by the typical rules by sticking to one genre of music”

“Under Pressure Music is totally awesome..Varity is the spice of life!”

“The song 'Driven' is my favorite....love the Brahms-like piece that comes outa nowhere in the middle Genius! Completely takes you by suprise...”

Esmeralda (fan) - Reverbnation

“nice library (from gentle love songs through hard hitting rock, and even a little jazz thrown in for good measure). vocal harmonies, dynamics, recording and interesting change ups, all done nicely”

Richard Casey Callahan (artist) - reverbnation