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“Syracuse’s Undergang offers one more reason to give a damn: Dig, the band’s new album, will have a rockin’ release party at Upstairs at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 246 W. Willow St., on Sunday, June 10, 2 to 6 p.m. Dig (Conniving Scoundrels Music), Undergang’s fourth release since 2006, was recorded by Jason “Jocko” Randall at MoreSound Studio. It’s one slam after another, with each track holding nothing back. Dig is the first album on which all five members—including Nathan Angel’s soaring lead guitar, Al Smead’s affirmative vocals, Jim Drago on guitar, John Thomas on bass and drummer Stefan “Ill’in” Ilnitzki—contributed songs, rather than having only three primary writers. They are a punk-rock democracy, but when it comes to recording sessions they go in knowing exactly what they want. Undergang’s sound exists somewhere between the grating echo of a rebel yell and the feeling of loud bass notes buzzing in through the floorboards. It is not for the timid—and it”

“Regarding its musical style, Undergang doesn’t really go for jams or tangents, instead preferring a clear three-part formula. The beginning of one song may feature an intro that’s borderline-psychedelia until the chorus comes in with more jangling percussion, followed by a bridge that could also be a nod to Judas Priest. Undergang puts on local shows four to six times annually; the album release party will be their third this year and they plan three more concerts, including a July appearance at North Syracuse club Fusion. The guys are also involved in Promise Breakers, which gathers underground musicians and artists from around the Syracuse area. While Undergang’s music may not be new to their longtime followers, there is always a fresh crop of listeners who want a change from basement-party mixes and boring radio formats. That’s where Undergang comes in: They’ve been paying their dues as a group since 1996, and will continue do so out of sheer passion. It’s what they do. ”

“Undergang. Grave Sight (Conniving Scoundrels). Undergang digs up some fresh dirt on Grave Sight, crediting recording and mixing at Moletrax Studios and mastering at Moresound Studios in Syracuse. Melding heavy metal with punk, weaving in elements of rock, hardcore and thrash. From the smooth overdriven riff segues on "Target Audience" to the squealing Arabic harmonics on "Old Man," it is evident that Undergang is not your typical "metal" group. This demented spirit is aptly personified by the vocal stylings of Al Smead, whose deranged ramblings skip over distorted punk-style guitar riffs.. On "Less is More" he reminds us that tonal range isn't everything, relying on the percussion and personality of his Don Pardo-like delivery to get his point across. All in all, Undergang administers just the right dose of squealing guitars, distorted crunch and demented vocals, leaving us with one clear epitaph: Syracuse metal may be standing at its Grave Sight, but it ain't dead yet. ”

Tom Morris - Syracuse New Times

“After the Half Penny Pub, in Armory Square, changed ownership and formats (it’s now Holmes Pub) Promise Breakers organizers Chuck Westfall and Stefan Ilnitzki put the program on hold. They’re back more than a year later with a 10-band, two-stage Promise Breakers show at Fusion, 3705 Brewerton Road, North Syracuse. Music starts at 8 p.m. Saturday. The lineup includes Jayne Dracula, Undergang, Creepjoint, Hillbilly Theater, Amerikan Primitive, Grendel’s Boot, Joe DiRienzo Experience, The New Daze and Springfield Badger Hike. Like the Promise Breakers shows before it, this show — “The Devil’s Holiday: A chiller, thriller, corpse cabaret” — will include artists, too: Richard Williams, Allison Perkins, Monster, Lee Brown Coy, i-Sac, Mike Cody, Fletch Crangle, Dave Woodwon, Dave Hicock, Dan Shanahan, Joel Lyon, Kathleen Shockey, Maureen Shockey and Lisa Bogin. Admission is free.”

Mark Bialczak - Syracuse.com/Post Standard