C-Jay / Press

“One Of The Most Amazing Artist I have Ever Heard, I am Very Excited To Know that This Legendary Independent Artist was able to overcome so many Obstacles. When this Album Drops There will be a Internet Crash!!!”

“C-Jay, is one of the most talented and charismatic artist I have dealt with his ability to connect with the audience is so unique and amazing . He uses the struggles of a teenage life and life experiences to establish his sound. As he begun to develop his Love for The Production Side Of The Business, we had no choice but to make him apart of the Takeover Online Internet Radio Hip Hop Team. He has so much talent that in my opinion is worth more than a Million Dollars and I am anxious how he will change the Hip Hop Culture in the Future.” Richard Herring, CEO Of Dominion World Wide Ent/Shady Aftermath.”

“C-Jay is the next generation of rappers.. He is a young, talented kid that made it through college and received a degree. I really hope that he is able to reach out to the new generation and pursade them to follow in his footsteps.”

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