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“Undercurrent really knew how to make the sh*t hit the fan, with a truly hyperactive bass player in the shape of Lee Carnall, three guitarists up front as well as a singer, Mo Hassan, who with the help of Mike Smith (guitar/keyboards/backing vocals) were more than capable of spanning the three essentials in any modern rock band; singing, growling and screaming, these were ready to unload some serious sh*t! And that is exactly what they did, from the opening bars of ‘Hollow’ to the final dark menacing tones of ‘The Count’, oddly enough this song which closed their set seemed to take the classic early Kaiser Chiefs sound and twist into something much more sinister, the crowd obviously enjoyed it as this was when the moshing began in earnest. Up until now a few pockets had started here and there...but mostly the crowd were galvanized by Lee’s bass solo’s, since he was the only one with long-ish hair he did all the traditional metal hair swinging bits and obviously enjoyed ever”

“For an opening act they really knew how to make the sh*t hit the fan”

“Being gig addicts it isnt often that a support band manage to stand out but the first time we heard undercurrent they did just that, throughout the set their songs painlessly morphed through different subjects and tempo’s and these songs did not instantly put you in mind of any one particular band that you have heard before. It was clear there were meanings behind the lyrics, no rehashed ideas here just real feeling.”

“Be sure to check out this UK rock band”

“Undercurrent delivered a solid musical performance”

“Now playing @UndercurrentUK1 - Check out their tune The Count, quirky energetic rock jams. nice”

“We are in the Rotherham Advertiser regarding the Live and Unsigned Regional Final on 3rd April 2011 at Sheffield City Hall”

Rotherham Advertier

“Article in the Look Local newspaper regarding ourselves and the 'Live and Unsigned' competition.”