Undercover / Press

" I would for sure get down to some funky Undercover Band...you guys do songs that no one else does...way cool!!"

Buffie Schmidt - Facebook

“Hudson Street Winery and the other Old Roma Station Wineries are hosting an Open House. Featuring tasty treats, fabulous wines & dance music of the UnderCover Band this promises to be a rockin’ affair. Kelley & Young’s new release “Kathleen Rose” will also be introduced.”

“Tuesday night Johnny’s Off the Plaza will celebrate with live music, the popular local rock and funk band Undercover – appropriately, given Johnny’s own past as a private investigator. Music will start about 8:30, on a night (Tuesdays) when karaoke usually plays. There is no admission charge. Again on Saturday night, Oct. 29, Undercover will play – this time with a $10 cover for the Halloween Costume Party. “We’re expecting everyone to dress up,” says Gavello. “I’m coming as myself – that’s plenty scary right there.””