"...an intelligent, fiery twist on modern rock that appeals to fans of the genre and archetypical music snobs alike."

"...the former howl of the band resurfaces in the 12 tracks and 43 minutes of MAKING SKY...

““…the album is dramatic and layered without sounding sterile. It retains a jagged warmth in its largesse and reveals new corridors upon each new listen.””

Sean Clancy - Arkansas Democrat Gazette

““Underclaire, on this third album, continues to put its two-guitar-pronged attack — of Mike Mullins and Edison DeLeon — out in front, with striking lines that weave and build and come crashing together in anthemic ways.”

“I would not know how to classify this... up-tempo, but not hard and fast, sans screaming. One can understand the lyrics. At any rate, it sounds pretty good, like they put some thought into it and even some practice..What is that critter up in that tree?”

““…sweeping, bouncy, sometimes dramatic collection of layered and wellcrafted songs””

Sean Clancy - Arkansas Democrat Gazette