Undead Joe Trio / Press

"If I must write every thought that the music of Undead Joe Trio unlashes in my mind, than I end by writing a book, so I keep it short and powerful : Undead Joe Trio “All To Myself ” a album full of simplicity, history, pure and strong."

"The songs are all original and every one is killer honky tonk, but if I was pushed to nail highlights, Please Whiskey, and I Made A Mistake are especially good."

Duncan Warwick, Country Music People

"Undead Joe and his trio are bad ass, and a band you MUST check out."

Triggerman, savingcountrymusic.com

"The 'Violent Femmes' of honky tonk music"

some guy who said his name was Gordon.

"This is one of our favorite regular Thursday night bands." City Tavern, Dallas,Texas

City Tavern, Dallas,Texas