Undead Anna / Press

“There are few albums that have hooked me in the first minute like “Undead Anna” did. The guitars are addicting and the overall polish of the well produced album is impressive. Usually when you pop the ear buds in after you reach 10,000 ft you start counting the minutes until you are back on the tarmac. But on this occasion I found myself lost enough in the great Southern infused grunge album to get the gruff “Sir, you’ll have to power that down now we’re about to land” reminder. Scratchy, distorted, old school guitars…..nothin’ but trouble…..but absolutely irresistible.”

"All in all, Undead Anna has delivered a very solid debut album. While Clayton Crowder brings impressive vocals, his lyrical depth is something that I think is just as important. His guitar work, coupled with Wade England’s is a seamless match and their tones compliment each other well. With a solid rhythm section behind them, anchored by Reid Wilkinson, the band is set to become one of the best around."