Undakova / Press

“I met David about a year ago, and he stays with me as a constant inspiration to create, to express, and to contribute my energy to something bigger than myself. He has a visceral wisdom and a welcoming, loving spirit. He is a magical human and a wonderful friend.”

“Ohmygod, the vocal album is life changing!!!! I am so impressed David!!! The songs range from relaxing to energizing ~ and always insanely truthful. Your delivery & tone remind me of a new age, cooler version of Will Smith . . . mixed with a more soulful version of Eminem . . . mixed with the beautiful, uniting essence of the Beatles. HOLY FREAKIN WOW!”

“One single night, I knew you 'Poof' The Wizza'd means Peace,Joy & Love. He is more important than a jewel, and I love him.... He is magickal and when I met him I didn't even know he was A Wizza'd”

Sela - Princess Sela's Words of Wisdom

“Davids mix herewegonow transcends you through space and time with smooth transitions on a magical musical journey. Traveling through the 60s with reggae funk and the Beatles, his music nourishes and heals the mind, body, and spirit.”

“Your mixes are so amazing bro!!! Totally transforming my present moment. Respect, gratitude, love.”

“I had the good fortune of stumbling across DJUNDAKOVA on Soundcloud and instantly fell in love with his sounds. The first song I heard was High Off Life and it just got me with its smart lyrics and infectious beat. His music is so conscious and heart-centered...somehow he manages to weave together such a diverse mix of sounds and styles that each track is original and fresh. It's a rare gift to find a DJ who is edgy and sweet at the same time. It's impossible to keep from smiling and moving when I listen to these honest offerings.”

“I love your new tracks...perfect to listen to on a beautiful spring day. FYI my inspiration today is your music!! Loving it!!”

“I was able to download the songs this time. Loving the tracks!! Keep up the great work!! It's awesome to see the passion in a person. I will definitely support what you do in the best way I can because I can see the benefits it brings to you. Hopefully it brings you more than nuts and cranberries haha.”

Hanae Hamoui - Quoted from Email

“Hooray for you for working on and on. creation forever all power to the imagination. every drop of attention intention love & energy you put out is ensuring that Life goes towards more Life instead of wasting your time in the military-prison-corporate-industrial activities that consume so many lives. Much respecto”

Mama Mariam - Quoted from Email

“I love getting your updates! Keep doing what you do. Big love, Kym”

“Totally loving your music! how can we get this awesomeness out into the world????”

“I want to have an anthem like Undakova! His track they don't really care is the essence of him from flow to the beat. U can just leave that track on repeat for an hour.”

“Wish you could play your music to the world at dance parade May 16”

“Since then, seven years ago, I have been listening David’s compositions. His songs, his voice, his arrangements have something that can’t be explained by words, because words are signs while David’s songs are vibrations, feelings, colors. David’s songs are a mix of emotions wisely adjusted and masterly fine tuned to reach precises note and create surprises. When I hear his melodies, I know they are exactly what I have been waiting for, hoping for, desiring. I know your songs David and I still get surprised every time I listen them as I found new dimensions, details among details, structures in the arrangement, a fractal path. ”

“His music is very deep and inspiring and great for all ages. My sons love UNDAKOVA's beats.”

“Undakova is a New York hip hop songwriter and producer whose music is much more melodic than many hip hop artists. The songs, which are often social justice themed, transfer smoothly a singing to a softer rap.”

“Undakova speaks from his essense: positive vibrations flowing in his lyrics from beat to beat and a mind set to rhyme. For Undakova, not only should the rhyme be infectious, but the message truthful and representative of the love and hope that he cultivates as an artist.”

“Your hair was a reminder to all that UK was in the spot! U stood tall and it made u even taller. I will never forget the day u smashed the battle a Sin Sin. In fucking credible. Every time I see Ur hair I think of it. Powerful shit man! I would say it plays a role as an icon of internal power that even the nicest of guys can have.”

“SAINT JOHN CANADA PRESS - In the not too distant future, Hazen-White/St. Francis School student Nathan Savoie might very well have a career as a successful rap artist. The young man is a natural lyricist, his teachers say. Trouble is, his talent might have gone unnoticed if not for New York City performance artist David Williams (aka Undakova) and Saint John yoga instructor Jason MacLean, who visited the school on Thursday.”

“Anthem-style hip-hop music, anyone can tell that this local Lower Manhattan emcee has some strong points to be made with songs such as, “They Don’t Really Care About Us” and “Haiti.” With positive lyrics and chill, smooth beats, this is the type of hip-hop music that the whole family can listen to.”

"By the way, I checked out your new songs finally. Liking "They Don't Really Care About Us." Nice bass in there - and I like the subject matter of course. Checked a few other songs too - it's funny, I think you are mellowing out in your old age. Haha - don't go all PM Dawn on me, man. Kinda feelin "High Off Life" though and that's got more energy,"

“I liked Dear Haiti. Very loving lyrics and helps to remind us all that the Hatian people have gone through a lot of challenges, but that even though they do not know it that many are thinking of them, helping them in there own small ways.”

Carla Chapelle - NYC Cashflow 101

"beats are tight, lyrics are truthful, and truth is powerful. What more could you ask for"