Unconscious Minds / Press

“Fuck Yeah! representing my old home state Arizona”

Zach Moonshine - Metal Devastation Radio

“Young death/thrash force from Phoenix,AZ! Keep an eye out for these guys!”

Joey Thrasher - Hellish Promotion

“Damn...still sore from last night's mosh pit..it was awsome though, even lost my shoe twice.....”

Fan from show 5/21/13

“Fucking Amazing”

Vocalist, Jacob - Hands of a Traitor

"I gotta say I'm impressed, I was one of the kids who screamed the end of Blackout, You guys put on one hell of a good show"

Fan from show 2/23/13

"..classic/thrash metal outfit, Unconscious Minds. They made Pantera fans proud with their soaring vocals and melodic bass lines."