Uncle Wayne / Press

“ . Best Southern Soul Club Song 1. "Dirty South Steppin'" by Mr. Sam 2. "Cupid Shuffle (Remix)" by Cupid 3. "Party Like Back In The Day" by T. K. Soul 4. "Do Yo Dance" by Cupid w/ Cristal 5. "Down South Shuffle" by R-3 w/ Onyx Amiira & Bigg Robb 6. "Zydefunk Slide" by Lil' Fallay 7. "Get Low" by Simeo 8. "Grown & Sexy" (Remix) by Da Problem Solvas w/ Sir Charles Jones 9. "Red House" by Uncle Wayne 10. "The Twist" by Jacquel Best Southern Soul Ballad Best "Out Of Left Field" Southern Soul Song: 1. "Woman Crazy" by Twinkie Man 2. "I Need Some Money" by Swamp Dogg 3. "Block Party" by Chuck Brown 4. "Red House" by Uncle Wayne 5. "Older Woman, Younger Man" by Pat Cooley 6. "Bootie-Mitized" by Teddy Bear 7. "Dog Kind Of Love" by Dicky Williams w/ Ken Massey 8. "You Walked Out" by Ghetto Cowboy ”