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“I listened to their album. It’s all there. Sure, most of it may be subtext, but, you can tell. These aren’t people you’d ask to dog-sit or leave alone with your sister. That would probably end up with an unwanted pregnancy, and your sister probably wouldn’t come out unscathed either...If you like it nasty, dirty, crazed and discordant but still very much rawkin’, you’ll dig the hell out of Uncle Touchy and Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Violence, just remember, don’t leave ‘em in the house with an unlocked drinks cabinet or an unspayed bitch, and count your rings when you shake hands with ‘em, ok? ”

“Musically here we’re in the ballpark of the Am Rep/Noise Rock thing, with a touch of Pigfuck (anyone remember that term? Big Black, Killdozer et al? No? Pfft. Kids today). Looser than, say, The Jesus Lizard, but still retaining the lock-tight bass and drum bottom end of that band, Uncle Touchy are a snottier younger relative, reminiscent at times of sadly-defunct Bay Area band Dead And Gone’s punkier take on noiserock. ”

“'Forced Out' is a rock and roll monster, while 'Shithawks at the Dinner' is all smouldering , subdued menace, and bobbing, feverish bass. 'Dimebagged' meanwhile is the sound of Anthrax being buggered by the hicks from Deliverance, an addictive thrash riff coasting along on a spiteful chant of "You folks are all so fucking lame".Closer ' The Sensual Yet Forbidden Pleasures of the Ladyboys of Thailand' rounds off the album with a skin crawling ode to said 'ladies' of the night', that makes one worry about the leisure time activities of these Southern dirt bags, but nevertheless rocks like a bastard, and hints at a band that can not only abuse their various instruments , but also play them quite well when they want to.”

“Opener ' Body Hammer' is as low and fast a gut punch as you could hope to open the album, spastic rage belted out over some awesome syncopated riffing. 'Tiretread on Burst Stomach' follows with some supremely sick , fuzzed out bass that segues into a sludge rock monster reminiscent of a sicker(if that was possible) Melvins, before the album breaks out of the traps with a psychotic fury , taking in skewed grunge rock , angular , Jesus Lizard style riffing,and pure snotty punk rock fury.'Soft Skin' sets your lizard brain a tingling with warning signs of an approach of bad , bad juju, , with a jittery , staccato DEP esque riff underpinning a highly disturbing refrain of "He has his hands in your baby's pants", clearly the work of men who truly couldn't give a fuck about mainstream acceptance.”

“Make no mistake, this is not pleasant music.There are no chest bursting stadium anthems, or lovelorn desert rock groove- alongs to coast into the sunset to.This is nasty, confrontational stuff, grunge before the money men got involved, a sneering, 'fuck you' to suburban alienation and rock and roll cliches , made by anti social, unfriendly men who sound like they would rather pick a fight with you then creep on your girlfriend than shake your hand after a show.It's also rather brilliant,a searing love letter to punk rock's hey day, when the term meant slightly more than selling teenager's own angst back to them on a forty quid hoody. Go on , make em famous.That'll really piss them off. ”

"This record turned (a genre) that was decent into something that I thoroughly enjoyed...good songs that are just a shot of adrenaline...an enjoyable listen for sure...definitely worth checking out if you're into more eccentric noise rock and post-hardcore.  Score 7.5 out of 10"


"...sounds like what would happen if a retarded version Dillinger Escape Plan and a redneck version of Snapcase had a buttbaby."

random bar patron

"I feel confident in giving this release the ole' Shiny Grey Monotone Seal Of Approval...you will cycle through these songs nodding your head in approval, before remembering the band is called Uncle Touchy, at which time your head will nod in disapproval."

"...the songs are killer and are well worth your time...blends elements of AMREP/Touch And Go inspired noise rock with more modern styles of post hardcore...Cop Shoot Cop, Jesus Lizard, Snapcase, Unsane, and Melvins...bits of Helmet,Quicksand, Breather Resist, and Every Time I Die as well...a great listen" - Elementary Revolt

Elementary Revolt